Monday, December 12, 2011

Price for a fondant-decorated cake

I do believe that the most critical, sweat-inducing part in a cake consultation is when the baker has to discuss with the customer client the price of a customized FONDANT cake....more often than not the client/customer are surprised with the price...huuuuuwaaaat? I experienced that when I had my consultation with Ms. Angelyn Tan (who made our wedding cake). But when she showed me her sample further discussion needed. i'm smitten to the highest power of admiration to those towering and lovely sweet creations. 

isn't she lovely?


Now, going back to the main point of this blog, in case they ask why FONDANT CAKE is much more expensive than other cakes which they could buy on their regular ordinary are some good points you can share to them....and (deep-sigh) get and seal the deal:

1. It is highly undisputable that FONDANT CAKES are way more beautiful, impeccably dainty and with much class in every single event or occasion! When you see a beautiful fondant cake in a's like the sweetest thing on earth that attracts you and finds the easiest way to your heart and stomach. It's like love at first sight- thing!!! So it is only prudent to assume that clients/customers know this already...but it is worth mentioning that fondant cake is definitely perfect for their special event...FONDANT CAKE IS DAINTY! Convince the bride that next to her wedding gown, guests are excited and curious to check the wedding cake. Thus, the cake should look as lovely, as pretty, as classy as she.

2. If you are using a ready made fondant (like Fondx or Elite), explain that the fondant you use is fairly expensive and of the highest quality and you think it's worth it for the flavor of the cake they want to order from you. 

i love this RTU fondant...and taste sooo good!

3. If you are making your own home-made fondant, tell them that you personally produce and make your fondant out of the BEST quality, it's like having a cake and gummy marshmallow at the same time. Who doesn't like marshmallow?

4. It takes a lot of skill and experience to work with fondant and make it look right. It takes much longer to finish a cake in fondant than buttercream. Fondant takes time to made, roll, apply and decorate into the cake. Explain to them that you have to stay up late or even deprive you of sleep for them to get the best quality cake they are going to pay.

5. Fondant is also temperature-sensitive. So, it has to be prepared in an air-conditioned room. 

6. To make the fondant-finished cakes you also utilize some materials/tools to design the fondant on the cake...and these tools are much much more expensive compared to a single spatula to spread the buttercream on an ordinary cake.

7. They will have two icing on the cake: buttercream or ganache AND fondant.

8. They're paying for your artistry/creativity too! But tell them that you are waiving your fees as long as they pay the price of the fondant. Good deal, right??

9. Food Coloring used on Fondant Icing is very expensive. One bottle is equivalent to a 8 inch cake covered with buttercream.

10. While you can finish a buttercream cake and refrigerate it overnight, fondant cannot be refrigerated after it has been put on the cake, so it has to be finished on the day of delivery. This makes for some tricky scheduling, and often you have to take fewer orders to accommodate them. Try to place the GUILT on the front line. JUST TRY!!

11. Since you have to finished the cake on the day of the deprive you of time with your love ones and time to sleep the night before the delivery.

12. Lastly, the best way to convince them that it is all worth it to take an order from you is to show them your cake portfolio.  

May you continue to educate and convince clients/customers why they should order fondant-finished cakes and cupcakes and may the force of fortune keeps coming back on your favor homebakers.



  1. michelle sembranoApril 30, 2012 at 8:29 AM

    ma'am pwede b p share nito s fb account ko.thanks

  2. michelle sembranoApril 30, 2012 at 8:30 AM

    ma'am pwede b p share nito s fb account ko.thanks