Monday, December 5, 2011

Bake It Dainty gives back

Let me begin this blog with a huge THANK YOU for all our friends and customers who have been part of the success of Bake It Dainty online store! You girls and guys are part of this success! As my way of paying back..I created this blog to give you some hint, tips and advices about baking and cake decorating. I would try my best to be better to give and share what I have learned about cake decorating based on my personal experiences and from what I have learned from my short classes about cake decorating. 

Bake It Dainty started last year..OCTOBER 2010. I decided to bring to the Philippines most of the tools I use in baking and decorating my cakes. I want to share them to homebakers and baking enthusiasts.  I received a warm reception from my "kababayans" who also love to bake. I can even remember that in the afternoon of my first day in the Philippines I got to deliver the items to Sis Dang Salazar because she was so excited to see the items she pre-ordered. I can still remember up to this day the feeling that I had when I saw her very happy with the items she bought. Today, she's a successful homebaker and businesswoman running Gianna's Cakes. Orders kept coming from the day I arrived until I have to leave for US. I want to believe we are the first cake decorating online store in multiply and Facebook  (please feel free to assail this...and please dispute it with evidence).

Anyways, I have a genuine admiration to FILIPINO talents and I believe Filipino can excel even more in the confectionery world with the help of tools and techniques being utilize in US and Europe. MAGALING ANG PINOY! Objection may be noted but will be stricken off immediately (wink wink!)

This blog is for all Bake It Dainty friends/customers and sisters who continue to believe in themselves that through perseverance, passion and love of baking.....they can bake and create a PRETTY, DAINTY cakes!

Again, thank you for making Bake It Dainty a part of your baking and caking experience.

I wish you all a successful baking experience!

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