Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fondant Glue

Fondant glue is so simple to make. You can store them for months. This is use for sticking, to paste or attaching your pre-cut out fondant to the cake or all together to create a figure or edible decoration to your cake.

Here's how....

you will need:

3 TBSP hot water
1/4 tsp CMC powder or tylose powder
clean bottle with airtight lid

STEP 1: Put the hot water to the prepared bottle.
STEP 2: Pour in the CMC powder or Tylose powder.
STEP 3: Mix or shake well. You will see there would be gel-looking element inside. Don't worry it will disappear soon.
STEP 4: Let it cool overnight.

VOILA, you have a a bit thick and transparent-looking fondant glue.

I would suggest you put some amount in a smaller container when using it. Don't dunk in your paint brush to the mixture over and over again in order to avoid contamination and discoloration.

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