Monday, December 5, 2011

Hey, it's me!

Please to meet you (and i hope you are also please to meet the blogger)...I'm Miles!
I love sweeeeeeets!

This is my way of giving back to BAKE IT DAINTY customers, especially to my kababayans who live outside Metro Manila...who have limited resources for baking and cake decorating. My hearT goes out with you girls. I want to be of help in the smallest possible way that I can...just don't ask me to make videos of "how-to-do/s" because I can't and I won't do it. (my face turning red already!)

Okey, i need to do a brief introduction...

1. my real name is Maila but I got used to being called and named by my closest friends "MILES"'s something "baduy" and funny behind that nickname. Ready??? I love to smile (PMS days not included)....that's why my friends placed letter "S" at the end of the word SMILE. There, now you can smile with me...go, it's free!

2. I'm a faithful, dedicated mother and playmate to my only son Jian Paolo.

3. I'm married to a wonderful man.

4. I''m a lawyer (this is not advertising though). I've been a practicing lawyer for five years. I have discovered that it is better to stay in the kitchen decorating cakes than argue with an arrogant judge or defend a pathological, stupid liar in court. Life can be sweet when you just try to choose to make it less complicated. Agree??? 

5. I started baking when I was 12 years old. To this date, I can still remember that while my playmates/friends would be playing after school..I opted to go to the market and buy my ingredients and bake cookies and pies in the afternoon....then sold it to our neighbors. I only stopped doing such routine when I went to college and pursue my dream to become a lawyer.

6. Baking, like a great LOVE, came back after 20 years. We belong!

7. It dawned on me one day that I should be decorating my son's first birthday cake. I won't buy a simple fondant cake for $450!!! I braced myself and gathered my guts to learn how to cover a cake with fondant. The result made me embraced baking and cake decorating with all my heart!

8. These are the few people who have contributed to my baking and cake decorating skills...never rmind if their ways of inspiring me were made in absentia. Looking and browsing on their cake works just gave me motivating force to develop my cake decorating skills....they're my inspiration and I have such huge admiration for them. drum rolls pleeeease........

NIKKA ALEJAR - Veronica's Kitchen
KATE - Simply Kate Cakes
JOY RAMOS - Cake Temptation (Davao City)

9. I'm a member of ICES since 2010 and I still need to plan on joining its annual convention in the near future. I agree to share with you (through this blog) what I learned and would acquire to learn. I believe that to share is one way of keeping the learning exciting and fun. 

10. I have a wonderful partner MARIE ORDONIA in running Bake It Dainty online store in the Philippines. We have this vision to share to all our kababayans useful tools in baking and cake decorating and we strive to offer quality products. Most of our products are tried and tested by me for over 3 years as a baker and cake decorator. I am not claiming as an expert on this field but I can only give honest feedbacks on these products and make sure that you pay for quality and usefulness of the items. We take delight on being part of every homebaker's and baker's and cake artists' cake creations. Please keep supporting Bake It Dainty...and we will love to give freebies to loyal friends and customers (WINK! WINK!)

Me and my friend Marie

Lastly, I'm a true-blooded Filipino...and I am very proud of it!!!

Happy baking everyone!!! 


  1. Happy to see you here in blogspot! :) You are so pretty and your nickname really suits you well.

  2. Thank you sis for that "kind" words (me blushing alrreeeady!)... i'm not returning the kindness but with all honesty, i find you so pretty!!! Thank you for visiting us and I hope you will hang on with us. There are so many tips and advices coming...CHEERS!

  3. Hi Atty! Bilib talaga ako sayo. I'm glad kasi meron isang tao kagaya mo willing to share your skills..Looking forward to see you here in Pinas and will enroll to your class. God bless you Miles!

    1. hi Cidz!

      Thank you for visiting my blogspot...and thank you for appreciating this space....all the more I feel that this thing is worthwhile. God bless too and I'll be looking forward to meet you someday, soon. have a great time baking!!