Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Baking and Cake Decorating

My adventures with baking and cake decorating started when I migrated in the US. I wanted my son to have a fondant-covered cake for his first birthday in 2008. I called every bakery around town and I was surprised that a two-tiered, simple cake is already $450. HUwaaaaat!? and boyyy, did I sweat? I decided to do some experiments and bought basic baking tools online. I already know what I wanted to create but I just didn't know (then) if I can execute it the way I want it  to appear. Little did I know that what started as a seemingly innocent attempt to bake a fondant birthday cake for my son made out of curiosity and enthusiasm at that time will blow into a serious addiction.

my first project..made and baked with love

Visitors asked where did I order the cake and cupcakes. i only smiled... What happened after that day is all but history of my interest to learn cake decorating. I eventually found myself ventured into the world of cake making during my free time. I started making cakes out of the boxes (I love Betty Crocker's). Then I continued reading books and magazines, plus informative blogs and tried some of other baker's recipes. I took down notes of every recipes that I've tried and those cakes and cupcakes which doesn't taste good and were not tongue-friendly went straight to the trash bin. Shoot!!!! Then, I started making my own recipes from scratch...had combined and compared recipes I have collected...I tried to adjust some of the ingredients on my original source through repeated baking. Tip #1: get people to volunteer as your taste-testers....they should be impartial and not bias. If they criticize your cake too harsh...kick them out of your kitchen (just kidding). 

Curious and hungry for more interesting ideas about how to decorate cakes, I bought books and tools and just taught myself how to do it. I watched Cake Boss and got inspired of Buddy's talent in directing his talented artists. He's the boss, remember! People around town kept buzzing me for orders but I can only take limited orders per week.

I love also browsing photos of cakes made and designed by talented cake artists and i was so humbled and inspired by them. Be that as it may, baking experiences in the kitchen taught me enormous things beyond books and blogs can teach and I collected these knowledge and skills along the way.

The other aspect of cake decorating that I really enjoy as well is the creative process. Cakes are fun because you can make a cake to look like almost anything. I never thought I have creative side. All I know is that I love cute stuff but I never thought I would love fondant to pieces...it's like playing a clay dough. I like playing with fondant and I like challenging myself in trying something that I've never done before. Cake artists can relate that their best work is created when they are able to do as they please and dictated by their heart's delight.

I received a warm hug when this cake was picked up

It fascinates me whenever I receive precious look on people's faces when they see my cake creations. The happy squeals...some were in tears (tears of joy, i guess)...warm thank-you hugs....these are more than enough payment for long hours and hard work in the kitchen.

My real goal here is to create a place where Filipino bakers and cake artists can share their creations and ideas so it can help others too. If this site can be of help to somebody make that special and DAINTY cake for that special someone then this has all been worthwhile. 

Believe in yourself that you can make and bake a cake...as long as you have the passion and determination to make that desire possible. remember this, this is DO-able!!!!! Someday, soon you will look back with gladness that your cake decorating experiences had all started with mishaps and bad days in the kitchen. 

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  1. I am excited and I'm looking forward for more tips and cake designs from you. :) I think your blog will be very helpful for new cake decorators like me. Cheers!


  2. wow!!! you're good!

    I'm also new in baking...and I want/love to make fondant cake too!!! My son is turning 1 this coming June and I want to bake his cake and do it on my own.

    I got your link from my friend (Joy Babich)
    I want to read each of your entry and try your recommendations....

    need to read more on your blog. :-)

  3. HI Jhan!
    Sorry for this belated reply. I just happened to see and read it now. I hope the cake was a success. Any way or another, it is special if mae my a mother to her child.

    I hope you continue to read my posting as I keep on being inspired by homebakers who like and love to learn new techniques and tips on baking and cake decorating.

    Thank you!