Saturday, March 24, 2012

How To Take Care of Cookie Cutters

BAKE IT DAINTY wants to share some helpful tips how to take care of Tinned Steel (Tin-Coated) Cookie Cutters lke those we offer on our online store.

Some simple methods in use and care will ensure the longevity of the tin.

Tin is a soft metal that covers the steel underneath, and protects it from rust.

Tinned cookie cutters should be cleaned with a dishcloth or sponge. Never use abrasive cleaning materials, such as metal scouring pads.

Avoid using cleansers and detergents that contain high percentages of free alkali or acid. Tin is reactive to tri-sodium phosphate, meta-silicate and chlorine. Avoid using detergents or cleansers containing high quantities of these materials.

Tinned steel cutters should be dried thoroughly immediately after washing to prevent rust from forming on spots where the tin might have worn off, and around edges where turned, soldered or welded.

Store tinned cookie cutters in a dry location.

To renew rusted cookie cutters, use fine sandpaper to remove the surface rust, hand wash with hot sudsy water, dry thoroughly, and use.

Before storing, hand wash with hot sudsy water, dry thoroughly, lightly coat the cutters with mineral oil from a cloth or paper towel, and place in a plastic bag.

We recommend mineral oil over vegetable oil because it does not get sticky or become rancid. Food grade mineral oil is readily available in supermarkets and grocery.

Often, the oily content of cookie dough can be enough to keep cutters from rusting, and they need only be wiped with a paper towel if frequently used. If used infrequently, we recommend hand washing, drying thoroughly, and lightly coating with mineral oil before storing.

So there, hope that would help everyone with there cookie cutters.... you would want to pass on those cookie cutters on the next generation, right????


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