Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I received a LOT of inquiries regarding the pearl, gold and silver glaze that we offer in our online store.
I have to post this blog now or else......I would suffer in redundancy of explaining that confectionery glaze is the same as the above-mentioned glaze. The only difference is that our glaze is colored. You can only apply it if you want a satin-look or pearly-white-looking finish on your cake decoration or cupcake topper. Simply put, apply the peal glaze on white fondant....apply the silver on black or gray fondant and gold glaze on yellow or gold-colored fondant.
Now, is these the same as luster dust or petal dust?
ANSWER: The effect is totally different. To illustrate, here is my sample picture of the effect of the glaze, luster dust and petal dust on a simple leaf fondant. TIP: Make sure that when you apply these decorating items on your fondant or gumpaste, the cake decoration is already set or has harden enough. Don't brush it over the surface of your fondant/gumpaste when it is still soft. You won't like the effect! Trust me! Practice patience!

As you can see from the picture, I have applied a pearl glaze on the green leaf, so the result is not satisfactory. Maybe if we try applying the clear one, the result would be better. Glossy it is! I only use my pearl glaze on white colored fondant like wedding gown, white ribbon or bow or even on plain cake covered with white fondant or cupcake topper.
Luster dust powder will give a shimmer effect on the fondant/gumpaste. I just love that look!
Petal dust will make a real-looking effect on the fondant. As shown in the photo, from a plain green leaf, I have applied apple green on the leaf and VOILA!!!! the leaf looks almost real leaf....only that this one is edible and yummy!

Now, here is a sample I made on applying the pearl glaze on my cupcake topper. A sample of plain white fondant is the barong tagalog topper, while the two wedding gown topper has been brushed with pearl glaze. I don't know if my photo has given it justice but the finish of the toppers has a SATIN-LOOK...just what I really wanted. It has some "character"! See?

I can not find my other photos where I have used the silver glaze and gold glaze. But believe me that the effect is the same. GLOSSY, SHINY and SATIN LOOK. It has a shimmer-effect also. I remember using the silver glaze on my Cars cake topper. I applied it on the metal-parts of the cars. I just love the result. It is shiny and glossy. You may also want to dilute it with drops of Vodka because the liquid is concentrated.  TIP: Just pour some amount in another small container (with sealable cap) and add in Vodka. You don't have to consume or use all the glaze in the bottle. Small amount will do.  If there would be leftover after you have finsihed decorating your toppers, just put a cap or seal your container. You can still use it on your next cake decorating session just add DROPS of Vodka again.  Again, please don't dip your brush directly on the small bottle of glaze because this may cause spoilage or contamination. That is why I recommend just pour the amount you will need on a particular project in another or separate small container.

One thing more, confectionery glaze lasts long because a small amount could satisfy the effect that you really want on your cake decoration. Our glaze is KOSHER CERTIFIED, so it is 100% safe. My issue with luster dust or petal dust, it is stated in the label that it is "NON-TOXIC" but nothing there certifies that it is safe to eat. I don't want to be responsible for not sharing that thoughts with you. Maybe, that is the reason why they only use those powder on flowers or leaves for decoration purposes only. Time and again, I want to impart that be responsible enough on what you prepare...consider that it is your business you are protecting and also the health of people who are going to eat the cake and cupcakes.

I hope that this blog could somehow enlighten some of you. Again, I only want to advise you that buy only stuff that you will use and when you buy, like in voting, be WISE!


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  1. Thanks for the valuable tips Miss Miles. They are most appreciated by newbies like me in the world of cake decorating esp where fondant or gumpaste art is concerned. Stay sweet, nice and generous and Be More Blessed!!! More Power to Bake Dainty! :)

    1. HI JADE!

      I'm very much happy to know that this blog-thing helps homebakers out there. It's like sharing my passion for baking and cake decorating. I hope that you will continue to enjoy baking like I do. Happy baking!

  2. Hi, Ms. Miles where I can buy Ateco Silicon Working Mat? Is it available here in Metro Manila?

  3. We used to carry the item but they were sold so fast. Try to look in Chocolate Lovers though if they have there. I tell you that tool will be your friend in cake decorating and it will lasssssst long as long as you properly take good care of it after using it. Mine is already 4 years old and still in mint condition. I hope you'll get to find your Ateco Silicon Mat. Happy Baking!