Thursday, September 27, 2012


Last August, my dear friend from West Covina asked me to create a birthday cake and cupcakes for her daugther. Amidst my busy schedule, I obliged myself to do it because (FIRST) she is my friend. (SECOND) I love baby Andi to pieces (THIRD) I love to bake and decorate cakes/cupcakes. Giddy me.....

With proper time management I was able to prepare the mini, dummy cake, 120 cupcakes and 2-tiered princess cake.

sweets overload!

I prepared the dummy cake more than a week ahead of the scheduled party in order for the fondant to dry and harden enough.


I love covering my cake board with sugarpaste/ is simply dainty!   

Board or Cake Drums are used to support our fondant cakes. Cakes with several tiers need a thick board under the bottom layer. Since fondant cakes are basically heavy and dense, we have to create a stable and thicker board in lieu of a cake drum (which is expensive! Just to give you an idea, a piece of a cake drum with size as 8 inches is already $7...geeeee).  

If cake drum is not available, try to glue together 3 pieces of cake board and cover the side with cute and petite ribbons. Make sure that the top surface where you will attach the base of the EDIBLE cake is CLEAN, FOOD SAFE and WAXED.  

1. I did a 6-inch diameter dummy cake and used 8-inch round for the cake drum. I usually use my spare fondant to cover cake drum since this is only to cover the base. I keep unused but well-kept fondant from a previous cake project.

rolled out white fondant. Use any impression mat available
to decorate the top surface of the fondantt

2. I would suggest to just LIFT the rolled out fondant and not use the rolling pin to place it above the cake drum because there is already an impression made unto the fondant. This way, you will avoid destroying the design made on the fondant. Be careful when you lift the fondant in order not to  STRETCH it.

Lift the rolled out fondant and slide underneath the cake drum
slide it baby!

3. When cake drum is covered, use a pizza cutter to cut the edge. By the way, I only use WATER (yesss, water!!!!) to attach the fondant to the cake drum. Some use corn syrup or piping gel but water works for me.  brush or dab water on the surface of the board or cake drum.
i love those swirls

4. For purposes of tutotial and tips, I cut the center of the board in order to attach the bottom of the cake on the waxed board (if you are only placing a dummy cake, no need to cut the center of the covered board). This way, cake will be stable.  

another use of 5-inch round cookie cutter
i put a small amount of confectionery coating
at the bottom of the styro

5. I use confectionery coating, candy melt or royal icing to attach edible cake to the board. TIP: if you are only using a corrugated board (not waxed), you may put a CAKE CIRCLE (we offer these pre-cut cake circles) to cover the circle in the center of the board. This will protect the bottom of the cake to be contaminated. 

attach the cake or styro in the CENTER to cover the hole

Ready to be dolled up!

To be continued......


  1. Wow, thanks a lot.. very, very helpful for beginners like me.;)